Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There has been knitting!

I have historically been very bad about documenting my knits. Since I resumed knitting seriously in 2004(?) I've been pretty productive, but there isn't a lot of photo-documentation to show for it. Since I started a blog this year, it's probably going to motivate me to capture in pixels what has already been wrought in stitches. Next step- to stop lurking on Ravelry and post some stuff!

These mittens were my first FO of 2008. Last year for my friend Melody's birthday I knit her a pair of Fetching in burgundy Cashmerino Aran. And what can I say, I created a monster. :) As is all too common once people wear handknits, she can't get enough! This year for her birthday, at her request, I knit these cozy felted mitts out of Manos del Uruguay. Melody bought the yarn for me, and this was my first experience with it. It was a quick and fun knit, and a nice break from tiny needle socks.

Here they are pre-felting:

And post:

As you can tell, she absolutely loves them. The pattern (which I recommend) is from Bev Galeskas' "Felted Knits", though the book is a bit of a let-down because it does not have the famous felted clogs pattern.

Anyway, Melody likes her mitts so much that she's now requested a gaiter. She bought yet more Manos, and is certainly helping ensure that Coldwater Collaborative continues to stay profitable.

Now if I can only persuade Melody to buy yarn for me for all my other projects, I'll be all set.

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Debra said...

I'll be honest. I kinda, sorta hate your new image icon at the top of your blog-- but I bet you could have guessed that right off. :)

Great mitts! Looks like little M. will have more yarn to play with from Melody. :)