Thursday, January 3, 2008

Darn these socks!

I'm guessing that though Opal is a prolific knitter (thousands of sweaters, by her own admission), she didn't knit those socks for Earl. I don't know about you, but I'd darn handknit socks to within an inch of their lives before I'd throw them away.

My husband has a big milestone birthday this year and I'm telling myself I can knit him six pairs of socks by December (one sock for each month of the year). With my full time paid job and full time unpaid job (aka Mommy), is this completely delusional?


Debra said...

Do you want the honest answer? :)

It's not delusional. Not at all, but... you have limited time and your primary knitting would be husband socks. Don't you think that you'll also want to knit for the wee munchkin and yourself once in a while, too?

What about a goal of 3 pairs for Mr. M?

fleegle said...

That's exactly what I did with Roy's sock last week.

I am not brilliant, just fed up!