Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't settle, but do grumble (also, Poetry Friday)

If you haven't read the article by Lori Gottlieb in the Atlantic Monthly yet, you have been living under a rock. And I'm jealous of your bliss.

There has been much furor over it- discussions on NPR and MPR, feminists ranting, Ms. Gottlieb receiving mountains of mail. I for one found it quite annoying. She has a kernel of a point in there somewhere; but when she suggests that you marry a man whom you're physically repulsed by, or is actively grieving for a dead spouse, or is an unrepentant alcoholic...really, it's hard to take any of it seriously.

As all of us married people know, our spouses have quirks. Well, so do we. If accepting those is settling, then sure, all of us have settled. But do we always accept the quirks of the one we love? Or do we grumble and complain?

Which segues to this week's poetic gem, by the most marvelous Vikram Seth. I hope it makes you smile.

Prandial Plaint
My love, I love your breasts. I love your nose.
I love your accent and I love your toes.
I am your slave. One word, and I obey.
But please don't slurp your coffee that way.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gunn fun

I haven't posted in over a month. Yikes. First I got brutally busy at work (the paying kind). Then the deadline passed, and I kind of lost my blogging mojo.

I guess it took the likes of Tim Gunn to make me snap out of it, make it work, and carry on.

The impeccable Mr. Gunn was at the Rosedale Herberger's yesterday in his capacity as Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne. They had a fun fashion show, with believable women wearing non-outrageous clothes, that you could actually buy right at the store. Tim was exactly as he is on Project Runway- polished, elegant, kind and witty. He fielded a wide array of questions after the show, and I have to say he deserves all the gushing and swooning that's bestowed on him.

I could have gotten an autographed copy of his book and a photo with him, just by spending $100, but I refrained. The funny thing is that when I came home and told this to Dr. N, the resident fashion grinch...he surprised me by saying "That's not bad! You should have bought some clothes!" Knock me dead with a toothpick. But see, this is why I love the guy.

Strib style writer Sara Glassman had Tim do some fun free association (not in public). Enjoy.