Saturday, February 23, 2008

The trouble with being so environmentally conscious... that if you leave your car dome light on, you don't find out for four days. True story.

Last Saturday I ran some errands with Mowgli. I had my hands full, as usual; so I must not have shut the car door properly after extracting Mowgli, various bags, and library books. Wednesday evening I go to the garage to pull the car out- heading to Deb's birthday dinner. As you might imagine, the car is dead as a doornail- the battery completely drained. Ugh. I ended up taking Dr. N's car, and we had a good time at Puerta Azul.

The guy from AAA got the car started the next morning, so all is well. But yeah, now I check twice...because I still drive only once in a while!


Debra said...

Ahh-- that's what it was! Well, It's a much better outcome that other speculation Wedn. night. :)

Karen S said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog... your more than welcome to be inspired by the titles. Just promise to send me pictures of what you make (I think you could make something really cool!)