Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do space cadets wear black ankle boots?

The short answer is "Yes, some of them." For the long answer, get your coffee and pull up a comfy chair.

A couple of Sundays ago, Amy threw a most excellent knitting party. With cranberry salsa, Hungarian wine, and door prizes. Really, how can you go wrong with good food, wine, and knitters? Fabulous photos, courtesy Deb, are here. I had a lovely time. At 4 p.m. I could see my husband's face in the clock, so I bid my adieus, retrieved my black ankle boots, and chatted away with Amy at the door- suggesting she do potluck next time so I could bring Indian food, etc. etc. I go home, take off the boots and think, wow, these could use some polishing. So I pull out the kit and polish them. Something is weird but I can't quite figure it out. Anyway, the baby calls, I'm busy, the evening flies by.

The next day I see an email with the subject line- "Boots!" I don't recognize the sender, and this seems like spam. Still, I'm curious. So I open it and find it's a message from poor Maria. See, it turns out I had run off with her boots! I feel really silly, and then I find it really funny. Maria was very gracious about it, though I gather she was quite perturbed- the boots being a gift, and all. She had to go home in borrowed clogs. I assure Maria it was an honest mistake, and this evening she will finally have her boots back by way of Amy.

I know you want a photo. I won't disappoint.

At left, Maria's boots; at right, mine. Both are black leather ankle boots with side zips, size 7.5. I think you can see if someone wasn't paying attention, how this could happen! In my defence, I don't wear those boots often. And I didn't wear them all last season, since I was pregnant and only wearing flats.

Why do I still feel like a ditz, though? It's like my brain turned to mush during pregnancy and has stayed that way, lo, these many months later. Please tell me it gets better!


Debra said...

Wow-- they really do look similar!

I'm partial to the slightly square toe on yours. I'm sure Maria will be happy to have her boots back this week. :)

Maria said...

Oh Deepa! Don't feel bad, please! Yes, I can't wait to get my boots, but things happen!!!! Please do not worry as we will meet up soon! (Amy couldn't get them tonight)! but it will make our first meeting so much more memorable!! :)

born in carbondale said...

I was wondering how the heck that happened! My shoes are all so misshapen and well-worn that the minute I'd jam my feet into anyone else's I'd know I was in strange territory. But it's easy to see how your exchange happened. Now, how do you plan to remove the polish??

born in carbondale said...

Whoops. I forgot to identify myself.
I'm Connie, who was, yes, born in Carbondale.

Maria said...
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Miss T said...

Wow, they're very similar! Anyone could have made that mistake.