Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well, today's the day they've been talking about for weeks- when 24 states will vote or caucus to decide who will face off in November. This will be the first time I am eligible to caucus, and I plan to go.

Here's my collection of political buttons:

Pretty obvious where my loyalties lie, huh? I'm pretty happy to have a woman representing me in Congress, and another in the Senate. As for the Oval Office, I believe I will see one in my lifetime. It doesn't have to be in this election.

Today is a special day for me on a personal level too. On this date in 1999, I walked around the sacred fire and vowed to stay with my husband through sickness and health, for richer, for poorer, and all of that stuff not just until death do us part but for 7 lives. Eep, talk about commitment! It's a wonder any Hindus get married. :) It's been 9 years, and this anniversary is extra special because now we're not just a couple but a family.

I remember keeping the henna on my hands all night before the wedding, wetting it with a lime juice and sugar mixture. The longer you keep it on, the deeper the color; and the belief is that the deeper the color, the stronger the marriage. Normally I'm a rational being, but who isn't superstitious about weddings? So I kept the henna on, and couldn't take my contacts out. I had my hands and feet in plastic bags (to keep the henna moist), and needless to say I was pretty uncomfortable.

It was worth it, though. The color lasted a few weeks, and the marriage...I'm looking forward to our 50th. :)


Miss T said...

Gorgeous henna! Happy Anniversary!

Debra said...

Love your last button-- The woman's place is in the house, the senate, and the oval office.

Many congratulations to you and the Ms today on your anniversary. If only I knew you in this life sooner, I would have seen you with henna tattoos on hands & feet.

7 lifetimes... Wow. Here in the US many couples end their relationship within 7 years!!!

Caucus, then celebrate!!! :)

renee said...

Happy anniversary! Beautiful hands.